Saturday, 12 December 2015

the weekend

hello again!

Now I'm going to tell you guys what I like to do under my time during the weekend! I like starting the day of with some Netflix,Youtube or Tv and eat breakfast at the same time. then when daddy and mummy are awake I'll go to them and give them snugglez and after that I normally go snuggle my bunny/rabbit Totoro. Then if I have time (I have 10 hours a week) I will Go to the computer and play some games like Roblox minecraft or steam. Then the rest of the family will eat breakfast and I will join them most usually. Then I will probably go play lego a while then all sorts could happen like I blog like I am now...Then its lunch i don't really know what it is every day but its like something like eggs and toast or something like that. Then I'll maybe go out with bunny or with a friend. Then I'll come back in again and then I'll probably play some more games like Roblox minecraft or steam... (if I have been out long enough to earn some more screen time) then its back to lego. and after that it will be dinner...after dinner me and daddy normally play a bit together or something like that.. so that a weekend day for me normally...    

Bye guys :)

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