Saturday, 12 December 2015

the weekend

hello again!

Now I'm going to tell you guys what I like to do under my time during the weekend! I like starting the day of with some Netflix,Youtube or Tv and eat breakfast at the same time. then when daddy and mummy are awake I'll go to them and give them snugglez and after that I normally go snuggle my bunny/rabbit Totoro. Then if I have time (I have 10 hours a week) I will Go to the computer and play some games like Roblox minecraft or steam. Then the rest of the family will eat breakfast and I will join them most usually. Then I will probably go play lego a while then all sorts could happen like I blog like I am now...Then its lunch i don't really know what it is every day but its like something like eggs and toast or something like that. Then I'll maybe go out with bunny or with a friend. Then I'll come back in again and then I'll probably play some more games like Roblox minecraft or steam... (if I have been out long enough to earn some more screen time) then its back to lego. and after that it will be dinner...after dinner me and daddy normally play a bit together or something like that.. so that a weekend day for me normally...    

Bye guys :)

Monday, 16 November 2015

Sharing my lego film again

Hello it's me again

more ideas

I need more ideas for my blog it would be GREAT if YOU could give me some ideas   
for my blog ;)    write  in the comments below for ideas and i'll mayby use them ;)

OK now to the serious business - I have autism and ADHD like a few of you boys and girls ;)
and i think that I could share some information about what it is like - i'll probably not do it now though ;)
but maybe later

Yes THE film IS back yes it is already in the blog but its not working so i thought that putting it back would make you happier
well I
cant do anything about the "Interaction Imagination" my mum's blog ;) but its a old picture of me ^.^
this is while I was taking the picture of the SNOLF ;)

image from The Guardian)    So cute. Such cuteness. such  tucked in ;) so cute ;)))))))))

Saturday, 14 November 2015

My rabbit Totoro


I've got a rabbit now he's soo cute ;)

I'm back!

I'm back for more!

Hello I know its been a long time since I did a post but yeah I've be up to other stuff :)
but now I'm back, I'm going to be posting probably more and more often.


I would like some ideas for my new posts it would be great so I can know what YOU like most ;)
perfect now that I'm back things will be a bit more fun on this blog ;)


yes I play games alot under this time. It would be fun playing With YOU if you have the game ;)
for mostly I play Pokemon omega ruby, Minecraft and Roblox and Steam.
 game names in pokemon omega ruby my name is Px 47 hehe long time I know it seems stupid ._.
Minecraft name is XxautosquidxX and you might meet me in the servers mineplex and hypixel
Roblox name Teodor though my real name is Michael! I got the account from one of my friends ;)
Steam name john.axelsson aka(also know as) XxautosquidxX ;). would be fun meeting 1 of you guys or girls in 1 of the games :)


yes yes yes i Love Lego. Lego Lego Lego! Lets Go LEGO! ;)
i build all sorts of stuff weird buildings to Epic robots its crazy I know.

Well now you now know I'm back ;)

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