Sunday, 10 November 2013

Black Skeleton

Minecraft "enderman" was the inspiration to this black skeleton. He comes in the night. he is very dangerous.

he has moveable arms

Fear factor ....... 8
Attack............... 8
Size.................. 8
Eats.................. meat, anything it can find
Habitat............. dark places

Sunday, 3 November 2013

This is me...

My blog is going good right now. Do you like my pictures? I like them alot


Lego art

Lego gives me ideas for my drawings. I like to draw.
I also like to make art with my lego too!

inspired by mario

my name

I drew a lego figure

Lego film

Please check here to see a functioning film...
Here is one of my lego films. I like making lego films because I like lego.  I use i-motionHD app on the i-pad to make them.
I used to make them with my camera and just roll the photos back and forth to see the films. But i-motion is so much better.

It took a very long time to make it and you need to be patient if you want to make a lego film too.
I don't always have a story in my head when I start - the story just comes sometimes as I film it. This film was one of those that I just made up as I went a long.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

the Lego SNOLF

The snolf is...
a mix between a snake and a wolf. The snolf is very dangerous.

Eats........everything it can find
Habitat...deep in the forest
Fear factor ....9

Live young and immediately dangerous - as their smallness allows them to be VERY fast - but their jaws are not as powerful.

The lego Snolf has moveable jaws, neck, fingers, arms and feet.

Lego Bridge

This is a magic bridge
on one side there is a town and on the other side there is a forest with all sorts of creatures that you would not want to bump into. For example the SNOLF! A post about the snolf will come soon!

They have guards on the bridge - the small folded figures perched at the side of the bridge will unfold in the case of danger and protect the bridge.

DRAGON with moving parts...

At the moment I am experimenting with moveable parts - so that my dragons and other creations can walk, drive or have other moving feature...
This dragon had a moveable tail, wings, feet, neck and jaws.