Monday, 16 November 2015

Sharing my lego film again

Hello it's me again

more ideas

I need more ideas for my blog it would be GREAT if YOU could give me some ideas   
for my blog ;)    write  in the comments below for ideas and i'll mayby use them ;)

OK now to the serious business - I have autism and ADHD like a few of you boys and girls ;)
and i think that I could share some information about what it is like - i'll probably not do it now though ;)
but maybe later

Yes THE film IS back yes it is already in the blog but its not working so i thought that putting it back would make you happier
well I
cant do anything about the "Interaction Imagination" my mum's blog ;) but its a old picture of me ^.^
this is while I was taking the picture of the SNOLF ;)

image from The Guardian)    So cute. Such cuteness. such  tucked in ;) so cute ;)))))))))


  1. Hello, is it ok if i forward your blogvto a few boys and girls your age? They might be more able to give you ideas , you know having the same age and all that ☺️. My son who is 11 years and is next to me has asked me to ask if you kniw about minecraft? Maybe this could be a blogging serious, aeroplanes , marbles, maybe football or anysport you like to watch or play and outings ( like family outins - camping, walking- vacations etc ) son's name is Andy . Good day

    1. yes its ok if you ask some boys and girls in my age about ideas ;)
      by the way im 11.But you probably kniw that alredy ^.^

      From michael ;) i shoud have done that though on my other one butt i didnt ;)

  2. yes i know what minecraft is and i play that game ;)