Sunday, 3 April 2016


The Bone Dragon is Hard as Bone To deal with!

The bone Dragon is a dragon that died and half way to The under World it got Stuck In the Caves of Despair! After That it finds its way up to Our World! Its Fire is bone Poison which is a mix between poison Gas and Bones

Attack power 6

Speed Power Is 7

Fire Power 7

Tail Power 4

fear Factor 7

total 31


  1. Tell me Michael, will the bone dragon eat me or just poison me? How can I defend myself against a bone dragon? Andrea's Mum

    1. hmm depends... if its hungry it will probebly do both. poison you first then eat you up for supper...
      but in doesn't normally eat humans...its Very weak against osteoporosis Ray Guns..Or you can steal its morning milk... And its weak against Weapons of mithril

      :) Michael.